• Resistance to drought
    Resistance to drought
  • Steady growth of root fibrilla
    Steady growth of root fibrilla
  • Hormonal balance control
    Hormonal balance control


Biofogre is an antistress agent for enhancing growth, development and increasing plants' resistance to adverse factors.
  • Maintaining the hormonal balance due to the anti-stress effect
    Bioforge is an antioxidant agent that neutralizes plants' stress, enhances their growth and development. A unique patented compound - N'N diformyl, urea, is the basis of this agent, which is a reaction product of two natural molecules: formic acid and urea. This molecule is a powerful antioxidant: it is able to neutralize free radicals in plant cells, formed under stress. As a result, Bioforge suppresses the signal to produce a stress hormone ethylene and allows the plant to continue its normal development and recover faster after the damage.
  • Activates genes that are responsible for plant resistance to stress.
    Bioforge activates the expression of genes associated with plant resistance to stress and drought (DREB1A, RD29A, RAB18). Plants are able to maintain their vital functions for a long time in arid conditions, under the influence of stress and quickly return to normal functioning after the cessation of stress influence or after watering.
  • Steady growth of root fibrilla
    Bioforge increases the expression of the RLS4 gene, which is responsible for root growth. A well developed root system with multiple root fibrilla allows to absorb a lot more nutrients and water. Roots also affect plant's hormonal balance, because cytokinin, which the phytohormone responsible for cell division and development of aerial part of the plant, is synthesized exactly on the root tips.




Primary nutrients


N’N, diformyl urea - antioxidant; the reaction product of formic acid and urea.




Basic Recommendations

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    Tank mixture with herbicides to reduce herbicidal load

    Even selective herbicides can casue plant stress and yield losses. In order to avoid herbicidal stress and/or burns, it is recommended to use Bioforge in a tank mixture together with a herbicide. This treatment will accelerate metabolism of all plants: cultivated plants are protected from stress, target weeds are immediately effected by herbicide active ingredients.
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    Presowing treatment of seeds for fast and aligned shoots

    Presowing seeds treatment is the most effective and low-cost method of agent application. Product primary nutrients enter the plant with the first drops of moisture. Diformyl urea has an antioxidant effect on the plant and helps it to cope with stress associated with sowing in cold soil, arid conditions or excess moisture. This helps to achieve fast and aligned shoots, root system develops more actively, which helps to establish hormonal balance and rapid absorption of nutrients and moisture.

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    Treatments to reduce
    negative impact of stress

    Plants are exposed to stress at all stages of their development: temperature, excess or deficiency of moisture, pests, diseases, extremely intense light or lack of light. All these factors inevitably lead to crop losses. The use of the Bioforge antioxidant product throughout the season in small concentrations, to prevent stress or immediately after the influence of the stress factor, will help to reduce yield losses. Combined treatment with X-Tra Power within 48 hours after hail, frost damage is recommended for plants' prompt recovery.






Dosage for presowing seeds treatment is indicated based on 1 ton of crop seeds. The main treatment requirement is even application of the product. The agent is compatible with most seed dressers and PPP.




Foliar treatment dosage is indicated per 1 ha. Multiple treatments in fractional dosages (0.3 l/ha 3-5 times per season) are recommended to enhance the action. The agent is compatible with most PPP and other foliar treatment products. Before preparing the tank mixture it is recommended to run components’ compatibility test.




Bioforge is universal in application as a presowing seeds treatment and a foliar dressing at early stages of development. Compatible with most pesticides.




Compatible with most foliar dressings.

Bio-Forge is a patented compound, N,N'- diformylurea, an antioxidant substance that enhances the growth of most grains, acting on genetic level. Bio-Forge activates plant's own genes, responsible for body resistance to stress, synthesis of ethylene and root growth.

Stressful conditions lead to excess ethylene synthesize, which can lead to premature death of the plants. Bio-Forge inhibits at genetic level the synthesis of excess ethylene and helps to establish an optimal hormonal balance. The solution activates the Dreb1A gene responsible for plant resistance to heat, as well as the RLS4 gene, which promotes active root development. Continuous growth of the root tips ensures optimal hormonal balance at all stages of plant development and improves the absorption of nutrients.

Bio-Forge prolongs cells' vital activity by activating the four enzymes, which protect plants from stress caused by:

  • Drought
  • Damages from herbicides and pesticides
  • Lack of nutrients 
  • High/low temperature

Compatible with most drugs, which makes it easy-to-use

Presowing seeds treatment: 1,5 - 2,5 l / 10 l of water / 1  ton of seeds
Foliar dressing: 0,6 – 1,5 l / ha

Can be applied to all field, vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops.

Please, follow the product instruction indicated on the label. Before application, it is necessary to test the compatibility of tank mixture components.



Application Result

Bioforge Bioforge

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