Fast Start®

  • Replenishes Zn deficit
    Replenishes Zn deficit
  • Auxin biosynthesis
    Auxin biosynthesis
  • Activates genes that are responsible for plant resistance to stress
    Activates genes that are responsible for plant resistance to stress

Fast Start®

Препарат для активизации роста на ранних этапах развития растений.
  • Active start. Interrupts seeds' resting period
    Fast Start is used to ensure fast and aligned shoots and maintain plants' active vegetative development.
  • Replenishes Zn content
    The agent contains zinc - microelement, which is vital for plants at the initial stages of development. As part of the agent, Zinc is chelated, that is encased in a complex with polyamines. This chelation technology is unique, it provides 3-4 times more efficient absorption of microelements, in comparison with other forms.
  • Biosynthesis of auxin
    The agent active substances are aimed at maintaining the synthesis of the auxin hormone. Auxin is a phytohormone responsible for the root system development, which is especially important at the early stages of growth.


Basic recommendations

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    Presowing treatment for fast and aligned shoots

    Presowing seeds treatment is the most effective and low-cost method of agent application. Product primary nutrients enter the plant with the first drops of moisture. Seeds receive zinc, sulfur and other substances necessary for a quick start. As a result, shoots appear faster, they are more uniform and aligned.

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    Foliar application at early stages of development

    It is significantly important to ensure the formation of a massive root system at the early stages of plant development. Fast Start active substances promote synthesis of auxin - the main hormone that controls root development. As we all know, roots are the brain of a plant, they control all plant's vital processes. Cytokinin is produced in apical meristem of root fibrilla; the larger is the surface area of root system, the more water and nutrients are absorbed from the soil.

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    To replenish zinc content

    Early stages of crops development are commonly characterized by zinc deficiency. In return, foliar top dressing Fast Start can enrich plants with zinc, promoting their active development.

Primary nutrients:

  • Zn – 8,0%
  • S – 3,0%
  • Free amino acids – 1,6%
  • Organic acids – 0,5%
  • Fulvic acids – 0,1%





Dosage for presowing seeds treatment is indicated based on 1 ton of crop seeds. The main treatment requirement is even application of the product. The agent is compatible with most seed dressers and PPP.


Foliar treatment dosage is indicated per 1 ha. The agent is compatible with most PPP and other foliar treatment products.

Before preparing the tank mixture it is recommended to run components’ compatibility test.



Fast Start is universal in application as a presowing seeds treatment and a foliar dressing at early stages of development. Compatible with most pesticides.




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