Nitrate Balancer®

  • Movement of sugars to generative organs and storage tissues
    Movement of sugars to generative organs and storage tissues
  • Normal wintering of winter and permanent crops
    Normal wintering of winter and permanent crops
  • Improved qualitative indicators of yields
    Improved qualitative indicators of yields

Nitrate Balancer®

Agent for activating the carbohydrates movement from the vegetative organs to the roots, storage tissues, fruits and reduction of excessive vegetative growth.
  • Movement of sugars to the roots, storage tissues and generative organs
    The agent activates the movement of photosynthesis products from the synthesis organs to the sugars accumulation organs: root crops, bulbs, flowers, fruits, storage tissues. More active sugars movement makes it possible to increase the quality of yields: the sugar content in sugar beets, the Brix index in onions, vendibility of potatoes and other crops.
  • Controlled vegetative growth
    Nitrate Balancer application reduces auxin oxidase level, allowing auxin concentration to rise. Auxin resists gibberellic acid, which is responsible for the elongation of the cells and height growth of plants. As a result we have shorter internodes and more roots. Vertical growth slows enough to prevent the lodging of spiked cereal crops.
  • Normal course of winter dormancy period for winter and perennial crops
    Treating winter and perennial crops before the dormancy period promotes movement of nutrients into the root system. As a result, the dormancy period proceeds normally, probability of crops freezing is reduced, and springtime growth resumes earlier and occurs more actively.


 Basic recommendations

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    Autumn treatment of winter and perennial crops before onset of the dormant period

    We offer hibernation program for winter and perennial crops, that is Nitrate Balancer treatment, which has to be applied one month before the onset of dormant period. The treatment will promote the outflow of sugars and nutrients to the root system, where they will be protected from the impact of cold. Nitrate Balancer also helps to prevent overgrowing of crops before entering the winter period (rapeseed) and will promote a more active renewal of vegetation in the springtime.

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    Foliar treatment for root crops, potatoes, onions, garlic

    It is recommended to apply Nitrate Balancer 6-3 weeks before harvesting as a finishing treatment for root crops, onions, garlic, potatoes. This treatment will improve the outflow of nutrients to the storage tissues, improving the quality of yields. It is recommended to perform fractional application with a 2 weeks interval.

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    Treatment to suppress excessive vegetative growth

    The problem of excessive vegetative growth has a particularly negative impact on grain crops and is fraught with the field lodging. To combat this problem, manufacturers resort to use retardants, such as chloromequat chloride. We offer another solution to this problem: Nitrate Balancer treatment at the phase of stem active elongation. This treatment will help to reduce excessive height growth, without slowing down other growth processes.

Primary nutrients:

  • B – 9,0%

  • Mo – 0,005%





Foliar treatment dosage is indicated per 1 ha. Multiple treatments in fractional dosages (1 l/ha twice with 2 weeks interval)are recommended to enhance the action. The agent is compatible with most PPP and other foliar treatment products. Before preparing the tank mixture it is recommended to run components’ compatibility test.


Nitrate Balancer is used as foliar dressing. Compatible with most pesticides.




Application Result

Nitrate Balancer Nitrate Balancer

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