Stimulate Yield Enhancer®

  • Simultaneous and aligned shoots
    Simultaneous and aligned shoots
  • Substantial root system
    Substantial root system
  • Stress-resistant plants
    Stress-resistant plants

Stimulate Yield Enhancer®

Stimulate Yield Enhancer is a plant growth stimulator based on an ideal ratio of phytohormones, which activates the growth and development of plants throughout the season.
  • Simultaneous and aligned shoots
    Laboratory researches have found out that the ratio of cytokinin, gibberellic acid and auxin 2:1:1 is the most optimal for the normal course of plant vital processes: it provides rapid germination of seeds, contributes to simultaneous and aligned shoots. And this, as you know, is a pledge of a high crop.
  • Massive root system
    The optimal ratio of growth hormones contributes to the development of a massive root system with a large number of root fibrilla and surface area. This promotes a more active absorption of nutrients from the soil, so that plants use fertilizers and trace nutrients more efficiently. Thus, Stimulate improves the effectiveness of the agents with which are applied in combination.
  • Healthy and stress-resistant plants
    The agent stimulates the growth and development of plants, they will be more healthy in comparison with the untreated thanks due to the optimal hormonal balance. It is much easier for the healthy plants to resist stress, diseases and pests.




Basic Recommendations

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    In a tank mixture with herbicides to reduce herbicidal stress

    Even selective herbicides can stress plants, lead to synthesis of excessive ethylene, disruption of the hormonal balance and, ultimately, crop failure. Stimulate is compatible with most herbicides. In the event tank mix is used, the product helps maintain hormonal balance and active development, while reducing the risk of herbicidal stress.

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    Presowing treatment for fast and aligned shoots

 Presowing seeds treatment is the most effective and low-cost method of agent application. Product primary nutrients enter the plant with the first drops of moisture. Seeds receive the essential hormones necessary for an active start. Gibberellic acid triggers the germination process, auxin promotes root development, and cytokinin activates cell division and rapid development of the aerial part of the plant. Thanks to Stimulate presowing treatment, all seeds have same content of hormones, which contributes to alignment of shoots.
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    Treatments to reduce
    negative impact of stress

    Plants are exposed to stress at all stages of their development: temperature, excess or deficiency of moisture, pests, diseases, extremely intense light or lack of light. All these factors inevitably lead to crop losses. Using Bioforge antioxidant product throughout the season in small concentrations in order to prevent stress, or immediately after the stress influence, can help to reduce yield losses. It is recommended to make a combined treatment with X-Tra Power within 48 hours after hail or frost, in order to ensure more active recovery.






Dosage for presowing seeds treatment is indicated based on 1 ton of crop seeds. The main treatment requirement is even application of the product. The agent is compatible with most seed dressers and PPP.



Foliar treatment dosage is indicated per 1 ha. Multiple treatments in fractional dosages (0.3 l/ha 3-5 times per season) are recommended to enhance the action. The agent is compatible with most PPP and other foliar treatment products. Before preparing the tank mixture it is recommended to run components’ compatibility test.









Application Result

Stimulate Yield Enhancer Stimulate Yield Enhancer

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