• Cell division
    Cell division
  • Protection from heat
    Protection from heat
  • Tillering of grasses, soybean branching
    Tillering of grasses, soybean branching


Plant growth regulator based on cytokinin for activation of cell division;
active course of pollination in high temperature conditions.
  • Activisation of cell division process
    X-Cyte is a plant growth regulator based on kinetin (a form of cytokinin). Cytokinin is a phytohormone that controls cell division and development of plant's aerial part. Fruits' active cell division is a necessary factor for the formation of a crop with high qualitative characteristics.
  • Tillering of cereals, branching of legumes and rapeseed
    Cytokine stimulates accretion of aerial parts of plants: promotes soy branching and tillering of grasses.
  • Protection against heat stress
    High temperatures result in secretion of cytokinin oxidase in plants, which destroys cytokinin. This leads to a slowdown in cell division and growth in general. Cytokinin is essentially necessery for plants during the reproductive development period. Heat is particularly damaging during the crops flowering: cytokinin is destroyed, as a result pollination, fertilization, and fruit formation is inefficient. Therefore, introduction of cytokinin from the outside is necessary to maintain the normal course of these processes and to prevent loss of yield.


Basic recommendations

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    Foliar application at early stages to stimulate branching in pulses and rapeseed, and tillering of cereals

    Cytokinin controls cell division and proliferation, in aerial parts of the plant. Application at the initial development stages will contribute to formation of more productive shoots and side branches.

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    Foliar application prior to flowering, notably under the influence of heat stress

    Preventive treatment would be the most effective, that is, application before the impact of stress. It is also important that solution should penetrate into the plant before the start of active flowering: for corn - from V9 to tasselling stage; for soy - R1 (tbudding stage); for wheat - booting stage. Cytokinin, as component of the solution, can help reduce negative impact of heat stress, accelerate the cell division in fruits, which could also improve crop quality characteristics.

Active ingredients:

  • Cytokinin (kinetin) – 0,04%





Foliar treatment dosage is indicated per 1 ha. Multiple treatments in fractional dosages (0,5 l/ha 2-3 times per season) are recommended to enhance the action. The agent is compatible with most PPP and other foliar treatment products. Before preparing the tank mixture it is recommended to run components’ compatibility test.

X-Cyte is applied as a single component treatment or in tank mixtures. Compatible with most pesticides.




Application Result

X-Cyte X-Cyte

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