X-Tra Power®

  • Active development of the root system
    Active development of the root system
  • Improved absorption of phosphate
    Improved absorption of phosphate
  • Increases plants resistance to diseases and pests
    Increases plants resistance to diseases and pests

X-Tra Power®

Complex of chelated trace nutrients
for stimulation of plants biological functions.
  • Replenishment of micronutrient deficiency
    The X-Tra Power consists of 4 most important microelement for ensuring normal vitality: Mg, Cu, Mn, Zn. Within this solution the microelements are chelated with polyamines. This is a unique chelation technology, developed and patented by company's scientific center. Polyamines are organic compounds that provide more effective absorption of microelements into the plant tissues and serve as structural components for construction of amino acids. Thanks to this technology, leaf tissues absorbe up to 80-90% of microelements, which is about 4 times more than when traditional chelation technologies are applied.
  • Active development of the root system
    The solution contains a number of signal molecules that activate root development, contribute to the formation of a massive root system with a large number of root fibrilla.
  • Improved absorption of phosphate
    A well-developed root system allows the plant to absorb more nutrients and water from the soil. According to the research results, X-Tra Power increases phosphate absorption by 33%.


Basic Recommendations

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        Foliar dressing for activation of growth processes

        Foliar application allows to achieve maximum effect. The solution contains so-called "signal molecules" - polyamines as chelating agents. They activate growth processes, promote plant resistance to stress, soil salinity, cold.

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        Treatments for replenishment of trace nutrients

        Microelements of the solution are aimed at maintaining plants' physiological functions.

        Each element is necessary for the vital functions:

        Mg – chlorophyll component, a cofactor for synthesis of numerous enzymes.

        Cu – takes part in nitrogen metabolism, it is necessary for photosynthesis.

        Mn – takes part in nitrogen metabolism and energy exchange processes.

        Zn – is necessary for auxin synthesis, ensures integrity of cell membranes.

        Trace elements, interacting with growth regulators, also help maintain plants' hormone balance.

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        Treatments after mechanical damage for rapid recovery

        Trace nutrients and polyamines perform not only signal, but also structural functions - serve as a building material for the formation of plant cells. The solution promotes more active regeneration and quick return of the plant to a normal mode of vital activity after a mechanical damage.

In combination with Bioforge for maximum effect

Laboratory results and field tests indicate that combined application of Bioforge Bioforge and X-Tra Power products, the synergistic effect is observed. Such product combination is most effective in ratio 1: 3 (Bioforge: X-Tra Power).


Primary nutrients:

  • Mg – 0,8%
  • Cu – 0,8%
  • Mn – 0,8%
  • Zn – 3,2%



Foliar treatment dosage is indicated per 1 ha. Multiple treatments in fractional dosages (1 l/ha 2-3 times per season) are recommended to enhance the action, as well as combined application with Bioforge in the ratio 1:3 (Bioforge : X-Tra Power). The agent is compatible with most PPP and other foliar treatment products. Before preparing the tank mixture it is recommended to run components’ compatibility test.

X-Tra Power is applied as a single component treatment or in tank mixtures. Compatible with most pesticides.




Application Result

X-Tra Power X-Tra Power

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